In a competitive field, I strive to learn as many techniques and styles as possible



An open relationship, with both colleagues and clients, allows for sharing ideas, gaining trust and building a respected reputation.




Current inspiration: Mohawk and fishtail French braids


Classic inspiration: Finger waves







Beacon Models 2015




Dry Set Finger Wave


* 13 mm Curling Wand throughout entire head


* brushed out in the front and set with wave clips forming finger waves


* the back was wrapped around the wand and just pinned in different directions
  of the nape


MODEL: Krista Murray




Intertwined Fishtail Braid


* Hair was french braided in 3 sections (excluding the top part) where I just put half
  up and braided the end starting at her crown


* 13 mm curling wand used at the ends and randomly throughout the head


* teased thoroughly for big hair


* intertwined fishtail braid with sectioned hair pulled back tight to make braid stick
  out more



MODEL: Sami Jensen



Heart Mohawk Braid


* make 3 sections high recession to couple inches close to nape


* top middle section make a ponytail and another a couple inches behind


* ponytail pull through previous section and incorporate previous section remaining hair


* repeat until knotted at desired length


* spread out each knot making more dramatic look with even or odd sizes














Model: Meghan Sutter

MODEL: Jamie Victor


MODEL: Adam Dennis

MODEL: Chris Sorenson.

Cat walk for water Aveda Institute Minneapolis 2015

Hair, makeup, clothing made by Veronica Klein

MODEL: Krista Murray




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